News On Practical Programs In Bariatric Surgery And Medical Management

Bariatric surgery and medical management

A 2016 study in Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science concluded “stem cell-based therapies for non-neovascular AMD are emerging and several clinical trials are in progress. However, there are major regulatory, safety and technical challenges that remain.” Why should you be wary? The New England Journal of Medicine reports on three More Help women who received stem-cell therapy for AMD at a clinic in Florida. Two of them checked listings of clinical trials on the website . They “enrolled” in the “Study to Assess the Safety and Effects of Cells Injected Intravitreal in Dry Macular Degeneration.” The sponsor was one of hundreds of unregulated for-profit stem cell-therapy centers in the U.S. The third woman went directly to the company for treatment. Their outcomes were horrifying. The facility charged each woman $5,000. (Red flag! Legitimate clinical trials never ask for payment!) The company’s staff then injected stem cells made from each woman’s fat cells into her eyes. One click for info woman went completely blind, and two are virtually blind.

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